Safer Internet for  
Your Children

Enawall give you control internet to protect your children when they online. You can control network and devices, authorise their action and access or limit at all. You can all do this with a few click via our user friendly interface.


Parental Controlled Internet

Are you afraid of being attacked your baby cam ? or if there is someone that bother your smart speaker ? or do you have concern about being hacked your phone ? Enawall automatically protect and warn you for all cyber attacks and can care you online.

01. Firewall

It has been prevented network from potential attacks with enhanced firewall. It is also can be limited IP or PORT based access.

02. Time Limit

You can easily set a time for your children’s internet usage, you can add new devices and you can re-set this time limit.

03. Protection Filters

You can set up user-based filters. You can choose which content , game or application. Manage categories with special filters.

How it works?

With Enawall you can easilyand remotely manage your network traffic via user friendly web interface at your home or work without being having to be in the network. You can grant access users and devices. And all these things are a few clicks.

Enawall it providing you all support and usual settings for you to be able to give your children a safer online experience quickly. 


Your Security and Confidentiality


Your personal privacy is always important for us. Enawall never store any personal data.

All your passwords, access settings, filters only personal for you and never stored.

Access logs, web history, applications you have used and any game related data is never been stored.


Richard Heiman

Enawall lets you see what your kids are doing on their tablet. You won't have to pull the power cord on that dusty router to limit access.


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